Brilynbrook is the culmination of years of hard work, dedication and love of the property and surrounding area from Brian and Lynette Petrie. Brian and Lynette moved to Gembrook in 1967 after their first home was compulsory acquired for the development of Cardinia dam.

First purchasing a 5 acre property on launching place rd, there they built their home and raised their 3 children. This property was later subdivided to provide them with the means to purchase the property that Brilynbrook stands on today.

A former dairy farm that originally sat on 150 acres that their neighbours Don and Lillian Ritchie owned, in 1977 it was divided into 3, 50 acre lots and Brian and Lynette bought the middle lot which had 2 creeks and a dam. With no means to access the back paddocks they had to create the drive and 2 creek crossings, this is one highlight many guests can enjoy as the 1km long winding drive provides stunning views and and exciting entry into the property.

Lynette started planning and commenced work on the garden before the house was built. As money was tight most of the plants in the garden were from cuttings or bulbs that she struck, or gifts from friends.

In 1990 they started the building of the main house. Lynette was the designer and Brian the builder and by 1994 they had reached a stage of the building where they were able to move in though the verandahs were not completed.

In 1998 they commenced the building of the stables where the guests units sit above today. These have been guest units on and off since then and after recently being privately occupied they are now reopened to the public.

Now their son, Lance Petrie and his partner Fiona Kozub are sharing the management of the guest units and property with Brian and Lynette.